linux_banerGNU/Linux what is it ? In fact it’s a free operating system. That is to say that it is a set of software (GNU) operating around a kernel (Linux).

All meet the four fundamental freedoms of free software. Okay, but so what are these distributions?In fact there are a multitude of software that can significantly do the same things (drawing, writing a letter, listening to music, etc.). Install all the software would be totally unproductive (imagine having 10 drawing software), also several group decided to edit software selections (2 or 3 per category) suited to a Linux kernel, this is called distribution.

Mandriva: distribution for beginners

mandrakeMandriva Linux is an easy system to use, I recommend to beginners, but it also works well for power users ( has unfortunately disappeared, but OpenMandriva was born from the ashes :


Ubuntu: The “Debian” distribution simple and effective

ubuntuUbuntu is designed primarily for desktop computers (PC and Macintosh) with an objective of usability and ergonomics. Its main advantage is that it is based on Debian which set up shop in the open source community (


Debian: The Geek’s distribution

debianDebian is the leading noncommercial distribution developed by a huge community. Its primary purpose of providing an operating system composed entirely of free software. However, it is a little more complex regarding its handling compared to the aforementioned distributions. (

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