music_bannerThe music is surely one of the first domain to have adopted free licenses.

Whether through the Creative Commons licenses, or in a purely French law the “Art Libre” License, artists who have adopted this kind of license, have decided to defend their rights by themselves instead of leaving them to an organization such as the SACEM.

Dogmazic: The Associative Portal of Free Music

dogmazicDOGMAZIC is the portal of the association “Musique Libre !”. This organization has these objectives :

  • support and promote music creation and independent operating under free and open licenses;
  • campaign for individual management of copyrights with the civil societies, show organizers, labels and distributors;
  • inform artists and the public on emerging modes of dissemination and exploitation of musical works in the digital age and the economy that results.
  • Defend and represent, at the height of its resources and possibilities, all of its members.

Today, the portal brings together around 3600 groups and 270 labels offering 38500 songs to listen or download freely and free

Jamendo – Ouvrez grand vos oreilles

jamedoJamendo is a Free music portal. Indeed on this portal you can listen, download, share the music with complete freedom and legality. Whether you are a music fan or artist yourself, you will find your happiness. The Music made available on Jamendo are under Creative Commons license.

Recall that this license includes actually 6 licenses following the rights you want to give your listeners.

I personally use this site enormously, it allowed me to discover great artists such as Drunk Souls, Bézed’H, Otis, …

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