drkcms_bannerdrkCMS is a Web Content Managment System written in PHP / MySQL for generating structured Web sites without needing extensive knowledge in the web site administration.


A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool for generating structured Web sites without needing extensive knowledge in the administration Web site. It usually helps to structure its website through topics and write articles within those themes. It usually requires a Database Manager (usually MySQL) and a language for operating the tool (often PHP).

Popular CMS are :


drkCMS is also a Content Manager, but it is very simple and minimal: few elements constitute the management tool, only the administrator (webmaster) can structure the site and add items. The grip wants to be fast and efficient, however, relatively powerful and modular:

  • it can be easily interfaced with other external resource
  • you can easily incorporate new functionality through modules
  • it allows, through its internal language to generate pages respecting the XHTML 1.0
  • you can easily set the design through CSS stylesheets 2


Install drkCMS is relatively simple. In fact you only need to have a web server on which to install it, then follow the automatic installation process provided.

System Requirements

  • An HTTP server that supports PHP4
  • The PHP4 module enabled
  • A MySQL database server

Recommended Configuration
This is not exactly the recommended configuration, but the configuration on which I developed drkCMS and therefore is sure to make it work:

  • Apache v0.1.2
  • PHP 4 v0.1.2
  • MySQL v3.2.125

Installation & Upgrade
First you have to unpack the archive containing drkCMS in the directory containing your website: $ tar xzf drkcms-0.1.tar.gz

Then you need to create your database in MySQL : $ mysql -uroot mysql> create database drkcms; Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

Finally simply open the application in your web browser, and an automatic installation procedure will run. Thean to follow the instructions: http://localhost/drkcms-0.1.3/.

You can then simply remove the install directory: $ rm -rf install/ Voila c’est terminé.



  • Fixed a bug on the database connection if the menu is disabled


  • Fixed bugs related to WARNING for undefined variables


  • Added an automatic installer
  • Added setting specific themes for users
  • Metrology: Added page generation time
  • Improved configuration file
  • Cleaning in the delivered images
  • Updated documentation


  • Fixed a bug on the allocation of $art, $rub and $cat variables.
  • Permissions problems on some files.


  • Fixed bugs related to undefined variables and register_globals = Off
  • Using HTTP_POST_VARS and HTTP_GET_VARS arrays
  • Set HTTP_USER_AGENT to global


  • First release of drkCMS.

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